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We are working on the next generation of scientists and technologists to change Mexico entrepreneurs with companies that produce products of high added value.

Ricardo Godinez – Director MITEFMx Labs y Vice- presidente MIT Enterprise Forum México


Internet of Things

The MIT Enterprise Forum Mexico together with the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco and several major technology companies in the world, are working on the design of the first Living Lab (Laboratory life) Internet of Things, this will be based in Jalisco and be the first in Latin America. This lab will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and test technology in real life but in a controlled environment. This will be a laboratory for developing science and technology with social impact and generate new business to boost economic development in the state and country. This laboratory will be opened in the first quarter of 2015.

The first module of this great Living Lab Sera from laboratory MIT CityFarm, Project MIT MediaLab that aims to find solutions to end hunger in the world. The first MIT CityFarm in Latin America will be part of a network of other 6 similar laboratories around the world and will be based on the building MIND, in the city of Guadalajara.

CityFarm Caleb_MITCityFarm_920_593_80 cityfarm-mit-food-for-the-future-300x200 CityFarm3 More about MIT CityFARM .



BigData for Health Sciences

The MIT Enterprise Forum Mexico and HP Guadalajara are developing the BigData first laboratory for entrepreneurs in Latin America. This laboratory with a focus on health solutions intended to serve as a platform for scientists and technological entrepreneurs to develop new technologies and products for solve social problems facing the population, from understanding the dynamic behavior of conventional diseases like the common cold, to build new useful services for people suffering from diabetes. In este laboratory, directed by Harvard experts, MIT y HP, large amounts of data to produce other laboratories will be processed as MITCityFarm, and will serve entrepreneurs and companies from around the world. From laboratory, as the MITCityFarm, will be in the building MIND belonging to Council of Chambers of Industries of Jalisco, strategic ally del MIT Enterprise Forum Mexico. BigDataLab Java Printing